P R I C E S   A R E   A S   F O L L O W S:

1 Hour - 1 Location - 1 Family Grouping 
50+ Medium Res (1920x1280px) images delivered on an online gallery

1.5 Hours - 1 Location - Multiple Family Groupings
100+ Medium Res (1920x1280px) images delivered on an online gallery
High- Res (5472x3648px) images posted in a custom
 USB box set with 6x4 prints

P R I N T S:

 Small Photo-book (6x8) Leather or Linen- 20 pages - $300
Large Photo-book (11x14) Leather or Linen - 20 pages - $400
 Canvas (20x30) - $150
Framed Lux Print (24x10) - $150
Interested? Please fill in the following questions and we will reply within 24 hours. We look forward to taking beautiful pictures with you!
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